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Diocesan policy states that arrangements for your wedding should be made at least six (6) months prior to the wedding date and that one of the parties being married must contact the church (bride or groom). Arrangements will not be scheduled with a third party (i.e. parent, wedding planner, etc.)

Diocesan regulations do not allow the celebration of weddings on Sundays and certain Saturdays according to the Liturgical Calendar.

To be married at St. Mary’s, one party should be a registered member of the parish.  If not registered, permission from the bride or groom’s pastor will need to be obtained.

There are prescribed marriage preparations required of all couples which consist of the following:

Marriage Investigation: It is a requirement for all couples who seek Catholic marriage to complete this form.  As a canonical (legal) form, the questions asked ascertain the freedom of the parties to marry and their understanding of the duties and obligations of marriage as taught by the Catholic Church.

Pre-Marriage Inventory: This “inventory” is a standardized questionnaire which evaluates the couple’s knowledge of one another and their readiness to marry.  Each couple is required to meet with their sponsor couple for at least three meetings to discuss the findings of the inventory.

Preparing Your Wedding Ceremony: After confirmation of the ceremony date, the couple will be mailed a packet containing a confirmation letter, our Sacrament of Matrimony Handbook and a copy of Together for Life. These will all be used to assist in planning the wedding mass, including the readings. These selections should be reviewed with the wedding coordinator at least 1 month prior to the wedding ceremony.

If you are considering having your wedding ceremony at St. Mary's, the first step is to contact our Parish Office at 315-635-5762. Our Ministry Team will be able to answer any questions you may have, review available dates, and go over the criteria necessary for a Church wedding.

Times for Weddings:

Friday: Afternoons or evenings available

Saturday: 1:00pm

Other dates and times may be arranged on a case by case basis with the Parish Office.

Stipend for Church​:

​Parishioners*: $400 (Deposit: $200)

Non-Parishioners: $700 (Deposit: $350)

Organist Fee: $300

Deposits must be paid for ceremony date to be held.

* Parishioners must be registered and active for at least 1 year prior to date of wedding.

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