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Bulletin Article Request

To submit a bulletin article, please review the following information:

The bulletin is published weekly. Bulletin information should be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the publication date. Your information should be submitted to the church using this form.

IMPORTANT - Adjusted Submission Due Dates:

Submission Due Date                       Bulletin Publication Date

 November 10,2020                              November 22, 2020 

 November 16, 2020                             November 29, 2020  

 December 16, 2020                             December 27, 2020                

 December 22, 2020                             January 3, 2020

Below are a few guidelines for submitting information:

                  - Use a short title to describe what your article is about
                  - Graphics will be used as space permits
                  - Please do not use all CAPS

If you have any questions about bulletin articles, please contact the Parish Office at 315-635-5762 or


Graphics or Word documents may be uploaded using the form. Please do not submit articles in the form of PDFs.

The form must be filled out even if you are uploading the article as a Word document.

Bulletin Article Request Form

If you have submitted your article as an upload, please indicate that in this box.

If you have submitted an image to be used with your article, please indicate that in this box.

Upload File

Thank you! Your request has been submitted!

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