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Become a Parishioner
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Become a Parishioner

We are so happy to have you join our parish family!  We have a wonderful Ministry Team here at St. Mary's who are happy to help you at any time. Feel free to contact the Parish Office with any questions at 315-635-5762.

Please click here to register.

Become a Catholic

Become a Catholic

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or the RCIA as it is commonly known, is the formal process for people to be received into the Church. Although it usually takes the better part of a year, there are no time limits or a set amount of time in which you will complete the process. It is largely dependent on your readiness. Your personal circumstances also play a part in how long the process takes. People with a strong background in another Christian faith tradition and in Scripture may take less time than others. If you have a prior marriage to be annulled it may take a bit longer.

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Adult Faith Programs
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Experience Our Adult Faith Programs

Adult Faith Programs are offered at St. Mary's through a variety of groups, programs and series on different topics and for varying lengths of time. These are offered to adult parishioners to give them the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the Catholic faith and strengthen their individual spirituality.

Please click here to view the adult faith program opportunities.


Volunteer at Our Parish

We are all blessed with unique gifts and talents, and at our parish, we welcome yours!  If you would like to volunteer your time at our parish, we always have a need for extra hands.  Please contact our parish office to volunteer with us.

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Prayer Request

Submit a Prayer Request



To submit a prayer intention for the weekly A Spiritual Connection, email or call the office at 315-635-5762 by Monday at 10:00 am. The prayer intention will appear once, unless you submit it again.




The St. Mary's Book of Prayer Intentions is located near the side altar of the Blessed Mother. Intentions can be written in the book anytime the Church is open. 

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