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Creating a Family Prayer Space

Creating a Prayer Space for Your Home

By: Cathy Mackey


Does your family have a Prayer Space? A Prayer Space, also known as a Prayer Corner or Sacred Space, is a designated place in your home that serves as your “church away from church.” It’s a place you can go to, alone or as a family, to pray or feel closer to God.


The Bonacchi family has shared their Prayer Space with us. Watch this short video of their sweet children praying to the Blessed Mother!

Here’s how you can make a Prayer Space in your home:

Pick a place in your home where you can have your Prayer Space. Some people pick a windowsill, a corner of a low traffic room, or a space in a special room in the house or apartment.

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 8.30.34 PM.png

Choose items that are meaningful to your prayer life. I love religious statues and religious art. So, my prayer space would have statues of Jesus and the saints, as well as pictures of He and the saints. I also have a cross and a Bible. I also set up a comfy chair to sit on while I read Scripture, listen to the rosary recited online, or listen to our Director of Music, Ryan Schaffer, read the Stations of the Cross.


It’s that simple! You can make your Prayer Space as simple or elaborate as you choose. For more information, click on the link below:



We’d love to see your Prayer Space! Please send pictures to We would love to feature your family’s space on our websites and in our newsletters.

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