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Adult Faith Formation

The 4 Temperaments 


We all have different personality traits:

Are you a Choleric? 

A Melancholic? 

A Phlegmatic?

A Sanguine?


What's your secondary temperament? 

How can knowing your temperament help you understand yourself better? 

How can knowing someone else's temperament help you understand her? 

How can knowing your temperament help you grow closer in relationship to God?


Over three weeks in October 2022, presenters Christina Palazzoli and Michael Assaf of St. Rose of Lima Church introduced the 4 Temperaments, assisting us in determining our temperaments and guiding us in using this information to build a better relationship with ourselves, others and God!  The program was presented in the Church, and all three sessions were recorded.  The materials and recordings are available below.


4 Temperaments.PNG

Videos & Downloads

Temperament Test.PNG
Temperament Descriptions.PNG
Temperament Blends.PNG
Temperament Comparisons.PNG
Temperaments Strengths & Weaknesses.PNG
Temperaments Do's & Don'ts.PNG
Further Growth in Temperament.PNG
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