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St. Mary's Pastoral Council

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The purpose of the Pastoral Council is to identify the spiritual and temporal needs of the parish community, and to encourage members of the parish community to participate in the life of the parish. As a council, the members are responsible for the needs of the Universal Church, as well as those of the parish. The members, in consultation with the Pastor, staff, and ministerial committees, discuss, research and through consensus, recommend the direction which the parish should take in matters of the Church.

The membership consists of non-selected and selected members. All members are involved with Parish activities, and make a commitment to offering a talent or skill to council ministry. Selected members of the Pastoral Council must be confirmed, registered Catholic members of the Parish, in good standing. Each member shall serve a two (2) year term. 

Pastoral Council 2019 - 2020

David Nesbitt

Council Chair

Peter Pandori

Vice Chair

Sr. Marcia Barry


Michael Brigande

Peg Halleron

Norm Martel

Tara Nolan

Tammy & John Polmanteer

Kerry Read

Renee Romance

Richard Scott

Ed Kirk


Sr. Bernadette Joseph Kupris

School Representative

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