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Eucharistic Minister

Extraordinary Ministers (Eucharistic Ministers) serve our parish community by distributing Holy Communion at weekend and special liturgies. A training session is required for first-time ministers of the parish. Re-training sessions are also available for ministers who would like a refresher. Ministers are scheduled approximately once every four weeks (or more often if they choose) at the Mass of their choice.

Ministry Requirements

Eucharistic Ministers must be fully initiated in the Catholic faith (Confirmed). 

Dress code: Eucharistic Ministers must dress appropriately. No flip flops, jeans, or shorts. Women may wear sandals, but make sure you can go up and down the Sanctuary steps safely. Gentlemen should wear a dress type shirt with dress pants or dress Dockers. Women should wear a blouse and skirt or slacks, or a dress. The length of the skirt or dress should be appropriate for church.

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