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First Communion Workshop II


Thank you so much for all that you've been doing at home with your child to prepare him or her for First Communion. As promised, here is the material that I would have covered in our second workshop. Please cover this material at home with your child so they are ready for First Communion when we get the go-ahead!

Please be sure you are watching "Mondays with Mrs. Mackey!" with your child. This is imperative because I share important information with them, helping to tie in what you've been working on with them at home. However, since I am sending this workshop to you today and there is so much in it, there will not be a "Mondays with Mrs. Mackey!" this week.

As always, I am one email away, if you need anything. Also, just let me know if you need me to call you or Zoom with you. I'm here for you!

Some families like to celebrate an upcoming First Communion

by baking unleavened bread at home, since is the type of bread Jesus shared with his apostles at the Last Supper.


As we know, it is because of what Jesus told his apostles, and shared with them, at the Last Supper, that we celebrate the Eucharist at Mass to this day!

*note*- this is not meant to be actual communion bread, just a fun recipe to try at home with your kids.

Please practice the following songs with your child.

If we are able to celebrate First Communion in a group, these are the songs your children will be singing!

Here is the Opening Prayer/Psalm! (lyrics for this are below with the closing hymn)

The Offertory Hymn: Song of the Body of Christ!

Closing Hymn:  This Little Light of Mine

The Eucharist Song

These nuns make communion bread! See how it's done!

Please be sure to show this video to your child

unnamed (1).png


Please be sure to cover all the material that is in their sacrament books by the time they are scheduled to receive their First Communion. You can work at your own pace; I will not be requiring that certain lessons are completed by certain dates, since I know everyone has different situations and circumstances, especially during these uncertain times!

Here is the link to access the books online. Please note that you must use the password to gain access to the lessons:  

(Call Mrs. Mackey for password)

They also provide, for your use, free online sacramental resources for First Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Click on the link below and choose any options under Sacramental Preparation and Confirmation. Please use any of the resources located here.
Finally, here are a few more coloring pages you can use.




I'm sharing this again because it's great to review!
Please be sure to show this video to your child

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